Revealing the Invisible

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Hello, I am Amber Light. I see the world in a very special way, I am gifted to see extra colors in this world of energy in which we live. Welcome to my gallery, “Where the Invisible is Revealed,” a collection inspired by auras and intuition.

Up close, everything seems to be made of tiny dots, and when I am calm I notice waves and patterns rolling over the dots, then I notice these little dots of energy seem to be swimming within solid physical things, like stones, for instance.

In this layer of frequency around us are beings of light.  I tend to notice these ‘orbs’ in thoughtful moments.  Moments of meaning, when I am calm or grateful.  I believe I need to raise my vibration by centering myself in a place of whole-ness, gratitude and an uplifting compassionate state of mind in order to see the orbs.  Sometimes I see just one, and sometimes they occur in clusters.  Often the brightness fades into a black dot, an absence of light.

Join my blog where I go into detailed explanation of this world of energy.  For instance, the tzings which is a word I made up to explain the light bursts that jump from the tree branches in the sunlight. In my blog I explain how I see this way, by being tetrachromite and having third eye activation.  Ask your questions to help me in my quest to find more information about these strange phenomena such as the rods of white light I notice above the trees after dark. This is an opportunity for you to participate in this fascinating study of light in this amazing world we live in.

Join me on my quest to study the world around us.  Each painting that finds its home on your walls brings us all closer to making this world more open, free, lightening place.  By bridging the gap between human’s 3d physical experience and providing visual representation that other realms exist, to many this provides the evidence there is more out there.  I invite you to participate on this journey by joining my facebook page or Instagram

One of my goals and big dream is to travel to sacred sites around the world and paint the subtle realm of these special places. Every investment of print or original painting helps get me closer to my dream of painting these sacred sites extra-dimensional realms.  Thank you for viewing, and Enjoy!!! ~Ac317

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