I am underwater

And trying to pull myself up

I have just realized, 

   I have been underwater for a very long time

I feel like your love is a rope 

that I have held on to, 

   which is pulling me out of quicksand

I have come to rely on this love. 

To save me from the illusion 

I present to myself about reality.

And when you say, 

lets sever this cord, 

   I feel I am grasping at another thing to hold on to.

As lost as I am, as long as I hold 

that this connection is through you, 

   I will not know the difference.

Cut these cords. Cut these ties that bind us. 

I am not blind, 

   I can see the way from within.

Then again, I feel deep into myself. 

Into the eternal self. Who knows no boundaries 

   across dimensions and times.

This eternal self gives me a cord,

which connects me deep deep deep 

   into the eternal nature in now.

I find this deep source was within me always. 

And I have been simply playing the game. 

   Of forgetfulness.

I am released. From all attachments 

when held into the connection with 

   eternal beingness.

This game that lasts forever. Dancing.

I’ll know you were only a reflection 

   of this eternal source.

You are not the source. 

Never were. 

   I’ll not expect you to be.


 The heart wants to love…
   So let it
The mind wants to plan 
   And worry
If we let it, 
   will it get in the way of the heart?

I want to feel
   And be free
But I also want to share myself
   And be naked
With my thoughts, and mind
   With my ideas
My hopes, fears and worries

I want to go through loss
   And let go of everything I do not need
I want to let this all go
   So I can be 100% open with you
Without any past baggage,
   I want to be pure 
And share myself with you

I know it’s a long road
   And it’s a long ways home
But sometimes we have to create a new home
   In the middle
Sometimes we have to turn our pain into paint
   And start on a new canvas
Painting our lives into each others

Because all I fear
   Is to be in a passionless union
And not have someone see through my soul
   What is the point of that?
It is mediocrity 
   Without the pain of exposure
Without the pain of going so deep

I don’t know if I am looking into a mirror
   Of a hologram
If it is you looking back at me,
   Or me

~ by Amber Wright