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Hello! I’m Amber Wright, and use the name Amber Light since as a tetrochromat, I see extra colors in this beautiful world we live in.

As the Chief Marketing Officer, Amber Wright helps business owners find solutions with project management.  She considers herself an opportunist, with the special talent to locate and create opportunities.  She co-founded Sahasrara in January of 2020, and backed by a team of IT, research, web and software experts, are able to do almost anything digitally related with the focus on helping businesses grow. 

From a mix of experiences and expertise, Amber Wright utilizes internal wisdom as a guiding force in both business and personal life.  Finding the balance is important to stay connected to the deep inner purpose.  This road is a long one and not over yet.

When she was a young child, she remembers deeply contemplating how all of experience is interpreted by our senses, then how, do we know, this is real?  At the age of 12, Amber had a desire to learn what meditation was, and how to do it.  She asked many people, and unsatisfied with their answers went to the local used book store and found many books on zen, eastern philosophy, taoism and psychology.  She remembers having some experiences during this time which were mind opening and unexplainable which further allowed her to question the physical and spiritual nature of our existence.  

At the age of 14 she found an old cassette tape which taught a guided meditation visualization.  Then at 16, Amber Wright started “Seeing Energy”.  She did not know what it was… and asked around.  She was in the Barnes and Noble book store in downtown Bellevue, Washington and the lady vacuuming the carpet asked her what she was looking for.  Somehow she felt safe to talk about her visual experiences and how she does not know what it is, looking for information.  This lady was the PERFECT person to ask about this as she was familiar and directed Amber to the book, “Hands of Light” by Barbara Brennan.  Barbara was a psychiatrist who developed communication with her Spirit Guide and together wrote this book and created an Institute in__. Amber read and studied this like a textbook.  The incredible transformation of awareness to understand and feel within the layers of one’s chakras and light body allowed her to understand in a greater way, what we as humans are capable of.  

Shortly after learning Energy Healing Amber Wright went on to study Massage Therapy where she learned all about the body, how it works, and most importantly, how to heal.  Then, she went onto to study Meditation in a deeper way.  She took three solo 4 day meditation retreats where she went into the woods in different locations, led by intuition, with her backpack, tent and supplies and sat in meditation without distractions.  Each time led to profound experiences and interactions with the supernatural which allows for a greater perspective that we are, entitled, to evolve into experiencing the immensity of our potential, as spiritually embodied human beings.  

After the third retreat she found herself drawn to move to Alaska.  She played Upright Bass and Flute in a band called Freedom of Prana who’s greatest accomplishment was opening for the Wailers in an outdoor theatre in Girdwood, Alaska.  She traveled up and down the West Coast, once hitchhiking, as a ski bum in Tahoe and a beach bum in Hawaii.  Through some life changes she moved to Homer, Alaska and started a family and change of career to working with plants.  Through the sensitivity of a secluded lifestyle, listening to plants and being receptive to their needs brought about a different perspective yet again.  She also went through the Dark Night of The Soul, which is a dark time of depression and letting go of previous “blueprint” of experience for one’s life.  It was after this time, that Amber Wright developed being able to channel write and communicate more directly with Angels and Entities.  In the summer of 2017, during a meditation then writing session, Amber wrote instructions to make a website,, which seemed absurd to her at the time.  It displays her art and the recorded music, along with some poetry.  Amber Wright also wrote a 250 page book in her early 20’s of poetry, quotes and short stories that is currently being edited and due for ebook publication in the summer of 2021 on the website. 

The summer of 2018 was a life changing and altering path.  Spring of 2018 gave Amber Wright many intense dreams and astrl projection experiences.  She developed a regular practice for meditation of a chant to balance the male and female aspects of the inner energy, and on Summer Solstice she projected upwards to experience the OverSoul.  Then, a month later, she channeled the business plan for an organization called Alighten, Alighten Foundation, and Alighten Institute, which becomes the non-profit online center for energy healers to work together from all around the world.  Alighten is based on allowing the perspective to emerge of collaboration between humans and spirit, and spirit guides in the creation and collaboration of systems and things here on Earth.  Then, in late April of 2018, Amber chose to leave a 10 year relationship with her children’s father while at the same time, re-enrolling in college to pursue her Certified Public Accounting degree, and at the same time, moved from Alaska to Washington State.  

In the winter of 2018, Amber found her passion to learn Finance and to become a Financial Professional in a system that offers life changing services for families of all sizes.  In the spring of 2019, Amber Wright was honored to help care for her Mother during the end of her life and help her cross over to the other side.  Fall of 2019 she created the business of Eupori, The Wealthy Way, for financial services and consulting work.  She also, at this time, started working with her business partner for Sahasrara. 

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