Another Amazing Dream

I love it when paintings appear to me in dreams. In this dream, I was sitting in front of my art, and a man walked up and complimented me on this one, pointing to the lines around the trees saying, “No one does this. No one does this.” All the while, tracing the lines with his finger. I looked in his eyes and said, “We are all God.” Which really shocked me in the dream, and this man as well, after which I dreamt a lucid dream adventure in which I was in control of the adventure. The waking day after this dream it stuck in my head, the adventure and this image of the painting. It is amazing to me how in painting this image, it is an accurate representation of the image from my dream. I really felt like my spirit guide was with me mixing the paint and telling me where to put what colors. The meaning of this painting is unknown to me. I wish I can remember what inspired my dream person to paint it in the first place. Does anyone know? What are your thoughts?

I do remember the day before this dream I was watching the aura of the spruce trees, which was like a pink bubble around the top of the tree and filled me will good feelings while observing it. In this image of these trees, which are not like the trees I know here, has the aura extending from the uppermost branches all the way to the bottom. These are the lines the man was tracing with his finger in my dream. So very interesting, inspired to paint auras from a dream!