• Can’t always be positive
    Having a difficult day today Grumpy, scared, feeling the pressure… Got to succeed in the business, or else… Got to get more projects through for the team…
  • Slowing Down
    I realized the weeks are going by too fast. I wanted time to slow down…
  • All Around Us Exists Invisible Energy
    Many people sense and feel they exist in a hidden field of energy. Our emotions and thoughts are held in a layer around our body, in the aura. We are […]
  • Focus
    There comes a time when one realizes it is time to sit down and contemplate what intention is behind what they do, what the motivation is behind the drive for […]
  • Tetrachromat
    Tetrachromacy in Humans Did you know, the average person can see around a million colors using the three cones in the eyes? They are called trichromats. When a person is […]
  • Another Amazing Dream
    I love it when paintings appear to me in dreams. In this dream, I was sitting in front of my art, and a man walked up and complimented me on […]
  • Meditation Music
    It is my intention to create two music albums.  One is of meditation music for people to sit in meditation and listen to.  This gives the mind something to do, […]
  • Meditate and Relax
    A way to relax and get into ‘the vibe’
  • Beautiful Knowing
    I think it is beautiful, to live in the wanting, the wanting of knowing…
  • Missing the Illusion
    I am feeling,That everything is illusionI am trapped in a physical sensationWhich I second guessAll that which I have ever thought, is And in my doubtingI find my wayTo the […]
  • So nice to Acknowledge…
    ” All the sacrifices I giveto be raising my kids The opportunity costsof being a good mom All the successes are minor failuresbecause what goes upalso goes downAnd giving up failure […]
  • How I Began Spiritual Path
    So, my story starts when I am around 12 or 13… and I heard the word meditation… I REALLY wanted to know what it meant and how to do it. […]
  • Song of the Soul
    ” Emptiness is truly the song of the soul. From which all the longing and desire arises from this emptiness. It is always present.  We may not always be aware […]
  • Shadow Work
    I am in love with an illusionWe all areI just know it is an illusion We have been given parameters by which to set thing intoWe set our expectations for […]
  • Naked
    The heart wants to love…   So let itThe mind wants to plan    And worryIf we let it,    will it get in the way of the heart?I want to feel   And be freeBut I also […]
  • Not a Commodity
    I am not a commodityFor your untrained heartNot something for you to masteror collaborate for your big plansof being tied to a marriage and kidsto fulfill the whisperings of loneliness […]
  • My Womb is My Sacred Space
    She is the temptress the goddess the one who many wish to kiss yet she is hidden within me and so longingly she wants you to forget the goddess hides […]
  • I am underwater
    And trying to pull myself up I have just realized,     I have been underwater for a very long time I feel like your love is a rope  that I have […]