Another Amazing Dream

I love it when paintings appear to me in dreams. In this dream, I was sitting in front of my art, and a man walked up and complimented me on this one, pointing to the lines around the trees saying, “No one does this. No one does this.” All the while, tracing the lines with his finger. I looked in his eyes and said, “We are all God.” Which really shocked me in the dream, and this man as well, after which I dreamt a lucid dream adventure in which I was in control of the adventure. The waking day after this dream it stuck in my head, the adventure and this image of the painting. It is amazing to me how in painting this image, it is an accurate representation of the image from my dream. I really felt like my spirit guide was with me mixing the paint and telling me where to put what colors. The meaning of this painting is unknown to me. I wish I can remember what inspired my dream person to paint it in the first place. Does anyone know? What are your thoughts?
I do remember the day before this dream I was watching the aura of the spruce trees, which was like a pink bubble around the top of the tree and filled me will good feelings while observing it. In this image of these trees, which are not like the trees I know here, has the aura extending from the uppermost branches all the way to the bottom. These are the lines the man was tracing with his finger in my dream. So very interesting, inspired to paint auras from a dream!


Tetrachromacy in Humans

Did you know, the average person can see around a million colors using the three cones in the eyes? They are called trichromats. When a person is colorblind, they see 10,000 shades of color and are called a dichromat. The mothers and daughters of a colorblind person are carriers of an extra cone, so they have 4 cones in their eyes and are called tetrachromat. Each cone multiplies the number by 100, so a tetrachromat has a color scale of 100 million different shades! In 1948, a Dutch scientist, HL de Vries did a test on color blind men and at the end of his report he mentioned doing tests on the mothers and daughters of these men. He theorized that the women can see extra colors since they were the carriers of the gene. He did no further tests on the women. Recently more information has come to light about this unique ability.  A researcher at the University of Washington, Jay Neitz states that there may be many women who are tetrachromat but need to awaken their abilities.  He also suggests that it is possible to these women to learn to use their fourth cone and see “a kaleidoscope of colors beyond our imagining.”  I agree with these statements and it is my intention to let others know there is more to what we see and how we see and that more people can do this too.

I theorize that these genes may need to be activated for the women to experience these extra colors. The dormant ability for tetrachromacy needs to be recognized and exercised for the extra colors to become apparent. I attest this process is an awakening, a spiritual awakening of sorts.  That when in the mind a person is open to looking just outside the ordinary, they may discover the extraordinary.

In my life I woke up to these extra colors as a teenager. For me this was a period of time when my awareness of the world around was expanding at a rapid rate. I was opening up to becoming myself, finding things I was excited about, diving deep into things that interested me. One of these things was working on an Organic Farm. Eating fresh picked vegetables for the first time since I was a child brought many new flavors and likely very needed minerals into my body. It was at the end of this first season, I was harvesting collard greens and stopped to take a deep breath and feel the wind on my face. I open my eyes and stare across the field. I was very surprised to see the wind in the air swirling. Across the field I could see the swirl in the air, then knew that was indeed the wind I ‘saw’ when it hit the grass and made a ripple across the field. A few weeks later I was at an outdoor gathering of many people and could see their auras. It looked as though everybody was wrapped in a bubble of color. Later I was to learn this is the emotional layer in the aura, around 2 to 7 inches from the body. Some people were bright construction-worker orange. Some were deep electrical blue. Some people were splotchy yellow and brown. At this time, I could sense their energy and what the colors indicate through my own feelings as I observe them.

For many years I simply call this ‘seeing energy’ until I stumbled upon a BBC article titled, “The Women with Super Human Vision,” about an artist Concetta Antico. She makes beautiful paintings and adds extra color, and even more colors at low lighting. The article goes on to state that because she is artistically trained she has more ability to see more color than a tetrachromat that has not been trained to use and observe these colors. This article is the closest I have found to explain what I see however in observing Concetta’s art I find that while similar, I do not see her illustrating the tzips and tzings that I see in the sky or bouncing off the plants. To me, this goes to show that we still have lots to learn from these tetrachromats who see extra colors.


There comes a time when one realizes it is time to sit down and contemplate what intention is behind what they do, what the motivation is behind the drive for doing.  At one of these moments today I realized a few things.  I do best when I allow the magic to flow through me.  These are moments when I have a picture, image or vision that I feel that I need to paint, or create.  It is almost as good as a nice piece of chocolate!  Or a story I feel compelled to write, or even small things like the need to tidy up.  That’s the other thing I realized in my moment of contemplation today, how important it is to clear away unfinished stuff.  This is so very important, and I feel I am constantly clearing sometimes, that’s why I need to be more productive at my clearing.  Everyone has clutter, right?  Things we just don’t know what to do with?  For me, it is quite a challenge, my younger flowing self wants to be free of all this stuff and the aging old woman inside says, “Its still useful!”  But I am reading and being told, that out with the old makes room for the new.  I’m sure we all go through this now and then.  The last thing I found so important today in my contemplation is to honor the treasure within.  This means, the inner light.  The inner drive.  The inner essence, our energy, the feeling of us.  This is quite a treasure and we mostly take ourselves for granted.  Yet, I feel, it is important to honor this being of who we are as the sacred essence that is.

All Around Us Exists Invisible Energy

Many people sense and feel they exist in a hidden field of energy. Our emotions and thoughts are held in a layer around our body, in the aura. We are surrounded by Wi-Fi fields, electricity fields and we are contained in the energy field of the earth. The earth field pulsates. The electric field sends sparks throughout the sky, upwards off the ground, and jump off our power lines. The Wi-Fi fields radiate like waves from a drop of water, except extremely fast. These are some of the things Amber Light sees and paints to share, that others may see the world around you in a more expanded way.

Amber Light

Welcome to my Website!!! I have around 200 pieces of art that will very soon be on this website, so check back in regularly to see the new pieces.  Also will be included are stories and detailed explanations of the inspirations that made the art and what messages are conveyed in the different pieces.  I am still getting a feel for this website design business so please leave a comment to let me know how I am doing! * Amber

About Amber Light

Hello, I am Amber Light. I see the world in a very special way. I am gifted to see extra colors in this world of energy in which we live. Please enjoy an open mind while viewing my work.
I do my best to illustrate what I see, in close detail. All my art has a major limitation: The world of energy is constantly moving, and my art is still. I do my best to illustrate the patterns I see, just keep in mind the waves, shapes and auras illustrated in my art are in a state of motion. Feel free to contact me with any ideas, inspirations or questions.