There comes a time when one realizes it is time to sit down and contemplate what intention is behind what they do, what the motivation is behind the drive for […]


Tetrachromacy in Humans Did you know, the average person can see around a million colors using the three cones in the eyes? They are called trichromats. When a person is […]

Song of the Soul

” Emptiness is truly the song of the soul. From which all the longing and desire arises from this emptiness. It is always present.  We may not always be aware […]

Shadow Work

I am in love with an illusionWe all areI just know it is an illusion We have been given parameters by which to set thing intoWe set our expectations for […]

Not a Commodity

I am not a commodityFor your untrained heartNot something for you to masteror collaborate for your big plansof being tied to a marriage and kidsto fulfill the whisperings of loneliness […]