There comes a time when one realizes it is time to sit down and contemplate what intention is behind what they do, what the motivation is behind the drive for doing.  At one of these moments today I realized a few things.  I do best when I allow the magic to flow through me.  These are moments when I have a picture, image or vision that I feel that I need to paint, or create.  It is almost as good as a nice piece of chocolate!  Or a story I feel compelled to write, or even small things like the need to tidy up.  That’s the other thing I realized in my moment of contemplation today, how important it is to clear away unfinished stuff.  This is so very important, and I feel I am constantly clearing sometimes, that’s why I need to be more productive at my clearing.  Everyone has clutter, right?  Things we just don’t know what to do with?  For me, it is quite a challenge, my younger flowing self wants to be free of all this stuff and the aging old woman inside says, “Its still useful!”  But I am reading and being told, that out with the old makes room for the new.  I’m sure we all go through this now and then.  The last thing I found so important today in my contemplation is to honor the treasure within.  This means, the inner light.  The inner drive.  The inner essence, our energy, the feeling of us.  This is quite a treasure and we mostly take ourselves for granted.  Yet, I feel, it is important to honor this being of who we are as the sacred essence that is.

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