How I Began Spiritual Path

So, my story starts when I am around 12 or 13… and I heard the word meditation… I REALLY wanted to know what it meant and how to do it. I asked many people and was not satisfied with their answers. So I checked out books on Zen from the bookstore. I read poetry and Tao. Then around 14 or 15 found a guided meditation tape and learned how to meditate.

I can go back and say my story started with deep contemplation when I was 3 or 4 and considered how all we experience here comes through our 5 senses… and how do we know it’s real anyways?

So… when I was 15, I ate magic mushrooms… and therein opened to a whole nether world to experience. Then, months later… I could see spirals in the wind, and see energy around things, I had no idea what I was experiencing so I sought out more information. I was lead to a book by Barbara Brennan, Hands of Light, and studied the aura and chakras and energy healing. And listening to spirit guides. Also came across Louise Hay’s positive affirmations book, which helped change my perspective of how to hold my thoughts.

Seeing the energy kept going, although the mushrooms enhanced the awareness, there is a subtle realm in which we are encased, a realm of energy. In this subtlety are frequencies, a connection which affects us all. For a long time I called this “Ether” now I think of as “Densities”. Either way, as more of us become aware of the subtle presence in which we are surrounded, the easier it is for others to notice it as well.

Meditation has been a foundation practice in opening my awareness. I read books about the Yogi’s from Tibet which inspired me to break through my conceptual limitations of what is expected of me as I dance through reality.

I encourage you to sit in meditation if you do not already, for at least 5 to 10 minutes a few times a day. Come back to your breath, and be as present as possible. Everything that comes up for you is your energy, I encourage you to embrace it.