I am underwater

I'm under water

And trying to pull myself up

I have just realized, 

   I have been underwater for a very long time

I feel like your love is a rope 

that I have held on to, 

   which is pulling me out of quicksand

I have come to rely on this love. 

To save me from the illusion 

I present to myself about reality.

And when you say, 

lets sever this cord, 

   I feel I am grasping at another thing to hold on to.

As lost as I am, as long as I hold 

that this connection is through you, 

   I will not know the difference.

Cut these cords. Cut these ties that bind us. 

I am not blind, 

   I can see the way from within.

Then again, I feel deep into myself. 

Into the eternal self. Who knows no boundaries 

   across dimensions and times.

This eternal self gives me a cord,

which connects me deep deep deep 

   into the eternal nature in now.

I find this deep source was within me always. 

And I have been simply playing the game. 

   Of forgetfulness.

I am released. From all attachments 

when held into the connection with 

   eternal beingness.

This game that lasts forever. Dancing.

I’ll know you were only a reflection 

   of this eternal source.

You are not the source. 

Never were. 

   I’ll not expect you to be.