Not a Commodity

not a commodity

I am not a commodity
For your untrained heart
Not something for you to master
or collaborate for your big plans
of being tied to a marriage and kids
to fulfill the whisperings of loneliness

No, I am woman but not just a woman
I am here for my own inner desires
The big dreams
I have taken the silent whisperings
of loneliness and sold them to spirit
Thus, I must suffer in my own energy

Of which you are no escape for me
for I’ll be content being stuck where I am
And mire in my frustrations
you will not rescue me from:
this is my own energy

It is your ego that makes you want me
‘what my friends will think’ the social status
of being with a beautiful white girl
who is so talented

And I take the time out of my day
to explain to you my goals
with business and changing the world
creating an impact
but you don’t care!

Because it is hard
to see past your ego
and past your narrow world view
And drinks on Friday night
more on Saturday

But do you know:
The nature of impermanence?
Are you running from such?
~ By Amber Wright

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