About Amber

Meet Amber Light

Amber is an artist and musician and is here to inspire you to be all that you can be.  Currently living in Alaska with a family of four she enjoys being in nature and raising trees for a local plant nursery.  She started seeing auras during the beginning of a spiritual awakening while working outdoors on an Organic Farm at the age of 17.  This brought her to study Barbara Brennan’s ‘Hands of Light’ text books, and this lead her to study Massage Therapy and Energy Healing.  From the call of spirit and a message from an Eagle, she moved from Seattle to Alaska.  Originally arriving in Alaska for a Meditation Retreat spring of 2005 she was taken with the mountains and abundance of nature so she figured out ways to stay.  She thinks of the last 15 years as ‘being in the hermit shell’ while working on self-growth, making art, finding the spiritual expression of music, and listening to dreams, intuition and spirit guides and angels.  Now she has emerged from this period of self-growth to share this art for viewing, purchase and for the opportunity to hear her Spirit Songs and Meditation Tracks.  Please, Enjoy!