Learn To See Auras

Learn to see Auras

Sit in a quiet space.
Observe something, alive preferably, with a dark background.
Being in low light is the best, twilight is optimal.
Allow your eyes to relax.
After a few moments you may see a glow around what you are observing.
This is the aura.

Sit in a quiet space.
Take a few slow deep breaths, calm and center.
Rub your hands together.
Hold your hands still, together, in front of a dark or solid color background.
Pull your hands slowly apart and stare at the space between them.
Also, have your hands together, and pull them apart so the fingertips are still touching.
Slowly pull them apart and observe the space between your finger tips.

Be outside and look at the sky.
Look at the tops of the trees.
Let your eyes relax.
Let your consciousness be open to receiving extra light.
Let yourself see, ask yourself to see more.

We are here with extra gifts. It takes opening to allow ourselves see the extraordinary and utilize what gifts we have.