After twelve intensive years learning many instruments and music instruction, Amber tossed the music books, set aside the instruments and took a break.  Studying the classical works of others, playing in a Youth Orchestra, electric bass in the rhythm section of Jazz Band and Choir, singing in a Youth Choir taught her the technical aspects of music.  She performed in many concerts, learned to harmonize with others and performed solo at graduation the song “Summertime” with the upright bass and singing, she sang “Star Spangled Banner” for the Mariner’s Seattle Baseball Game with the Cascade Youth Choir.  After all this, it was time to study the music of the Soul.  For the next ten years, the focus became listening to the songs within.  It was a process of playing a lot, getting stuck in patterns of dissonant notes, taking a break, then picking up the instruments with a fresh start.  Amber was peeling away the layers of what she had already learned to listen to the music from within.  Hearing the tones, and playing spontaneously from the inner voice of creation and intuition, music became an inspired part of life.  A ritual of connecting with the divine higher self; a passionate movement bridging the brain through the mathematical equations of harmonies with the simple physics of being in the now and of feeling.  The instruments became a port-way to channel songs of the soul.

The music herein is divided into two categories, Meditation Music to bring one to a more expansive state of consciousness, and Spirit Songs, which are songs either channeled or brought from Amber’s higher self into existence.  Please enjoy and share.

A somewhat spontaneous jam with myself and my recorder, out in a little shed in Alaska having fun with music.
I made it through another day… and still things seem the same
I’m passing through another world, with this body that I’m in
Let it change let it grow let it complicate my soul
Let it be great let it be grand let it change my life…
Is it ashes… or is it snow
Is it rain? Will it wash me away?
It is a change? I’ve been searching for
Will it come and change my world…
Is it a dream, I’ve left behind
Opportunities, gone with the wind
Is it a shadow, I’ve left back again
Will it come and blow me away
Why are we here anyways?
To live a life… followed by a grave
Why a game of passing show
Why and then it all falls away…