Shadow Work

shadow work

I am in love with an illusion
We all are
I just know it is an illusion

We have been given parameters by which to set thing into
We set our expectations for our life
We set our expectations for ourselves and what we can get away with

And I give up
I have unset these expectations
And gone so deep into the disappointment which goes along

For, love will never fit into these roles I have been told it will fit into
Love will never be bound or tamed or controlled
You have to dance with it while it moves

And accept it while it reveals itself to you
But then, even it’s illusion
For without the dance, what have you left?

When the illusion is gone, you have
And even then, it’s full of love

But if you get used to love looking a certain way,
Saying certain things
Then you are mistaken

And when those things are gone
When you find quietude you are left with your own thoughts
Without the object to which to love,

From where do you draw it out?
Where do you find the source of love, without, the object 
which makes you feel the love?

This is why we are so mistaken in finding love from others, 
We think they will bring us the love
We are missing the whole point

Love is there, in the midst of the deepest loneliness
Love is there, in the darkest of shadows
It’s the self-acceptance
It’s the observer
It’s the essence of existing,
The very pranic breath of life
Love is within all funnels of joy
All purity of bliss
And it’s also none of this, it’s within all and the lack of all

So when you are without joy
When you are without someone to love
When you are alone
You give yourself love first
And are better off than having

Sometimes, being without the substance
Helps you realize, it’s already within you

You have to love the darkness and lack of love
Love the darkness within 
Love the areas you are weak and lacking

Love them before they find you
Lest you will one day be in a place where the darkness lurks and you will not know what to do.  You will be lost and confused. But if you practice loving the inner darkness, which is always there, even when you are distracted from noticing, this darkness is inherent within us all, Love this darkness.  Seek it out, and see it is love as well. Thus, when the darkness comes out it is bliss from how you experience it. You have embraced your inner shadow. 
This is essential to living as one’s higher self.  The shadow must be embraced, and maintained. The balance of lack of doing must be held within all doings.  The awareness of impermeating nothingness. Yes, the depressing lack of life must be embraced within the most joyful moments.  Thus, the tide is calmed.