Slowing Down

There was a time that I realize the week goes by too fast.

I realized the weeks are going by too fast. I want more time. I was wishing there was another day in the week. Another day in the middle, so I could get more work done. And another day on the weekend will be great too!

But then, I thought about it. What if there were a way to bend time, where it seemed like the week was taking longer to go by, while I’m in the week.

So I decided to take up the practice of slowing down time.

The trick to this, is not about doing more things in less time, or about changing my schedule in any way. It’s about my mindset. All about how I think about the “now” moment.

It’s about being as present as possible. As absorbed into each task as I do it, focusing on the now. Focusing on where I am -right-now-. Aware. Present. Accepting of what comes up.

As I’m writing this, its about two weeks into this practice, and did last week go by slower? Perhaps it seemed like it did to me, since I thought it was going slower, during the week.

I invite for you to take up this practice of slowing down time, by changing how you think about time going by. Invite it to move more slowly for you, too.

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