So nice to Acknowledge…

” All the sacrifices I give
to be raising my kids 
The opportunity costs
of being a good mom

All the successes are minor failures
because what goes up
also goes down
And giving up failure and success as concepts of things to strive for or against is the real hurdle

to take things as it is
and give of myself freely and without judgement
for the results I try to achieve

why do I have to label
what I do others?
So much stress
when all I want… is to be

When I am not happy
trying to achieve this or that
when they are all concepts put in my head from another party

this is why I gave up magazines tv mainstream news movies other than documentaries
to preserve this gemstone mine
which is my mind

Still, the light of day has crept into my cave and I gave in
I grow. The numbers. The fractals of life. Are astounding. And hypnotizing. 
I am entranced to bring the shards of light from this soul-divine source
to the business world that is modern civilization
Watch as this shard turns to sword that cuts away the most inherent ignorance deep within all human’s mind
that we become aware, slowly and confidently; collectively of all that we are not aware
The contradiction brings down the walls the barriers of inner greed. The place where we depend on the ignorance for our very survival 
that we may live, peacefully, in the immensity of knowing, and accessing the deep inner information. Which makes us thrive.~ Blessings to you for reading, Much Love to All

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