Song of the Soul

” Emptiness is truly the song of the soul.

From which all the longing and desire arises from this emptiness. It is always present.  We may not always be aware of it, for it becomes covered with doings and activities, but there in the quiet moments when all else is pushed aside and one looks within, there it is:

The emptiness, singing it’s song.

“I miss you now…” says the emptiness

“I am longing for you to be free, to be as you are
And do not bind to me, any joys
Do not cling to me, and, then be in sufferings
We need to separate ourselves into what we really are
And that is not categorizable
As much as you want to find a label for me
As much as you want to find the words to describe how I can be for you
It’s impossible and you find yourself falling in circles over me
I am your inherent emptiness, and with respect to this, you may be free. 
You are free, 
as you are,